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Learning is Broken!

Despite a hundred years of progress, thousands of hours of research and the real life experiences of thousands of skilled professionals we still resort to ineffective and uninteresting methods of learning! Everyday! All across the world!

Even in adult education we still resort to factory style graduation and the commoditisation of certificates over impactful learning.

Better still we can now compound these ineffective methods with the latest advances in technology. We can now underserve thousands of people all at once.

We don’t like it, we don’t agree with it, and we won’t play along with.

We are going to do it differently and properly. In our own little corner of the world we will do well by our students.

Come join us. We think it’s going to be fun.

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Like Epictetus, 2,500 years ago, we believe that "learning that dos not lead us to action is useless".

Our ducks serve 2 purposes:

They remind us to take action.

They encourage us to share our problems out loud.

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Course taster

Get an inside look at one of our courses. See our method and our madness whilst getting a legitimate use to get the LEGO out at work.

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25 quotes project

Everybody loves a list! We have a list we have been finding super helpful but we have been keeping it to ourselves. Someone said we should share it as it would help others, so we are!

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One book on anything!

What if you could only read one book on any topic? What would it be?

We give you our suggestions for the No.1 spot in every category.

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