I will tell you a secret

Sometimes selling tickets to workshops can be tough!

and another...

Sometimes getting money to pay to go to a workshop can be tough!

Let's work together on this.

Rather than go through our troubles alone we thought we would give you the opportunity to earn the money you need to pay for a workshop by selling tickets to that workshop. In turn we get some much needed help making sure our workshops run.

You can earn cash by selling tickets to any of our workshops. You can either take for your self or turn into workshop credit with us.

What do you get?

An opportunity to earn a passive income.

All the relevant materials you need to sell workshop tickets straight away.

A dashboard to view your status and progress.

An opportunity in multiply your earnings by spending it in house.

How does it work?

Step 1:

Send us an email asking to become an affiliate member.

Step 2:

Receive your instructions and resources on approval.

Step 3:

Start earning through selling tickets straight away.

Step 4:

Cash-in or spend in-house.

Step 5: