Learn how to design more engaging experiences and products.

In just 30 days learn the 5 step process used by the worlds strongest companies to increase user engagement from the designer of the framework itself.

Nir Eyal - Author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products

"Yu-kai is at the cutting edge in the field of behavioural design."

David Webster - Partner and Executive Portfolio Director at IDEO

“Yu-kai's Octalysis framework is a powerful addition to the tool kit of any creative professional.”

By the end of this workshop you will be able to analyse, plan, deliver and measure a tested strategy to boost user engagement in any situation.

Learn how to build engaging products
from the world leader in the field.

You probably know this story!

Have you ever created something you were certain was a quality product and then felt the disappointment as it was just not engaging to your users?

Over 85% of new products fail. Nearly half of those can attributed to product limbo. Just because something solves a problem doesn't mean that people will be motivated to use it.

If human motivation is a significant threat to your business, why don't you invest more in understanding it better?

A different way!

Behavioral design places the greatest emphasis on the role of human motivation in a given situation. In essence, it is Human-Focused Design rather than function-focussed design.

By deriving all the fun and engagement from elements found in games and applying them to real-world or productive activities, this behavioral design system leads to a significant increase in user engagement.

To guarantee your business or product are successful, there has to be a well-tested system beneath it.

The short story is with this system your product, project or company is less likely to fail.

Learn how to build engaging products
from the world leader in the field.


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Our workshops are places where people from all the world come together to learn and do work that changes the way they see the world.

  • Learn the 5 step behavioural design process used by the worlds strongest companies.
  • Learn through 12 core lessons and projects from Yu-kai himself delivered over the duration of the workshop.
  • Learn together online with your cohort sharing your work and learning from your actual work.
  • Join live coaching, masterclass and AMA sessions with Yu-kai and other experts from the field. (N.B.These will be recorded).




Core Lessons


World Expert


Live Sessions

Why should I learn this?

Learn how to....

  • reduce time to product market fit.
  • increase engagement metrics.
  • build products that make an impact.
  • truly understand human behaviour.
  • increase likelihood of project success.
  • measure and track design impact.
  • accelerate your career.
  • apply this process to your whole life and not just your work.
You cannot make a product or business more engaging simply by bringing in a set of colorful balls to throw around. To guarantee your business or product are successful, there has to be a well-tested system beneath it.

The most widely used formula that’s known for user engagement is the Octalysis Framework created and designed by Yu-Kai Chou himself — a world-renowned author, and a man who’s widely regarded as one of the most influential people on the global entrepreneurial scene.

Learn how to build engaging products
from the world leader in the field.

What will I learn?

The framework itself

The entire Octalysis Framework is covered. We focus on how to design motivating experiences in order to meet your business or personal objectives.

How to see

How to spot gameful design in action in the wild. By workshopping with your fellow adventurers real life examples are brought under the microscope and dissected for greater understanding.

the 5 step behavioural design process

To guarantee your business or product are successful, there has to be a well-tested system beneath it. Our strategy dashboard is just that. Built to design and measure an entire gamification project.

How to apply it in the real world

Running a strategy dashboard project from start to finish can be tough. We give you the real-world tips and tricks for success based on years of practice with the world's biggest companies.

How to earn money with behavioural design

Behavioral Design is a powerful tool set in great demand in today's society. Learn how to leverage your newfound toolkit to improve you current role or secure a new one. Yu-kai is always on the look out for new recruits as well, so this may be the best internship opportunity you can get.

A Workshop not a Course!

This is a workshop, not a course. Let’s repeat that one more time, this is a workshop not a course! Instead of giving you static content that only needs to be consumed, we have created an environment designed for action, both consumption and production.



"Learning that does not lead to action is useless."

This workshop will run live for 30 days. Lessons will be released regularly during the 30 days. Live calls with Yu-kai and coaches are scheduled throughout. You get the benefit of a supportive cohort working towards the same goals as you at the same pace.

  • You can’t fall behind, the workshop will be open for 60 days and live sessions will be recorded.
  • You won’t lose the materials, we upload everything to Thinkific after the event.
  • You will learn in a way that makes a difference to your life.
  • You will find it hard, not that the material is always difficult but the work can be hard. We think that’s the point though.

Get in excess of $6,000 of content,
coaching and expert consulting.

Trusted by the World's Best

Yu-kai's behavioral design process powers the best companies in the world!

What do I get?

Custom spaces

Two dedicated workshop spaces making the most of modern technology to create the best environment for actual learning and change.

Dedicated coaches

We don't expect you to go through this all alone. We recruit expert coaches into the workshop to help when the going gets tough, or you just need a coffee.

Expert Content

You get access to the world leader on the subject through the workshop lessons, forum and live calls.

Fellow adventurers

You will work in sync with the rest of the workshop, working through the lessons and live calls together. Working together, albeit remotely, drastically improves the power of this workshop.

What is included?

This workshop includes in excess of $6,000 of content, coaching and expert consulting. By changing the nature of the workshop we are now able to cover more material and give you more contact time, than we used to. This helps make this affordable so that as many people as possible can benefit from this workshop.


Core Workshop Content


Level 1 & 2 Certification

$ +

Added bonuses

$500 p/hr

Live Calls

Unlockable additional features

100 Tickets Sold

A signed copy of Yu-kai's Actionable Gamification book for every attendee.

200 Tickets Sold

Additional coaches, mentors and consultants will be recruited to the workshop.

300 Tickets Sold

3 additional lessons and at least 2 additional live calls will be added to the workshop.

...even more.

We will add more and greater bonuses as the workshop list grows.

Learn how to build engaging products
from the world leader in the field.

About your instructor

  • Best Selling Author
  • International Keynote Speaker
  • Thought Leader
  • Expert Consultant

Yu-kai Chou

The Octalysis Group


Original Creator of the Octalysis Framework, and the author of Actionable Gamification: Beyond Points, Badges, and Leaderboards, a regular speaker/lecturer on gamification worldwide.

Trusted by the best

Google, StanfordUniversity, LEGO, BCG, TEDx, SxSW, Gamified India, Huawei, the Innovation Center in Denmark, Kingdom of Bahrain, LEGO, Accenture, eBay, Huawei, Fidelity, AIGJapan, Verizon, HP, Ericsson, Cisco, and WellsFargo to name just a few.

Award winner

2015 #1 in Gamification Gurus Power 100 by RISE, and Gamification Guru of the Year for 2014, 2015 and 2017 from the World Gamification Congress. His work has been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The World Journal, Business Insider, PBS

Yu-kai's history

As well as sponsoring an e-Sports team, running 2 companies and consulting with the biggest companies in the world, Yu-kai is a highly accomplished workshop facilitator.


Course & Workshop Participants


Videos recorded

1 Bil+

Users affected


Years Experience

Get in excess of $6,000 of content,
coaching and expert consulting.

Octalysis reviews


"Really good stuff in this class. Looking to apply how this information can be applied to selling tech to businesses. The Strategy Dashboard is very applicable to what we should to as we prepare for a presentation. And what really motivates our buyers and the users."


“Gamification has taught me in a few short videos how I'm motivated as well as the people around me. It's usefulness in constructing a lifestyle plan for myself as well as understanding why some business platforms work better than others has lent me greater self knowledge.”


"I already have a better understanding on human insights, motivators, and thought processes. This course is worth learning more about for gaming, designing, or just understanding people from a different perspective."


"Very useful knowledge which I will apply right away”


"I've known about gamification for a long time but Yu-Kai is the best at neatly packaging everything into 8 core-drives, aka "the Octalysis Framework". The content more than met my expectations and I look forward to purchasing the written material for reference."


“Honestly invaluable information for UX/UI designers looking to incorporate gamification into apps/websites. It's high level, easy to understand, and gets you thinking about the core motivations that ALL humans experience, which is a nice step outside of our normal wheelhouse of thinking UI and features.

Overall, this should be an educational standard for anyone who is looking to build, design, or develop products for human use. Well done!"

Learn how to build engaging products
from the world leader in the field.


Do I need to travel for this workshop?

We sometimes run live workshops, but covering all this material would take 5 days and cost $5k. Since we know not everyone can attend the workshop physically we’ve decided to make this a remote masterclass. This makes it more affordable so that as many people as possible can attend and positively impact their careers. All you need is a computer or mobile device to access your workshop spaces.

I want to train my company/employees - do you offer a bulk discount?

Yes – we’re really passionate about empowering entire teams with the Sprint process. If more people at your company would like to take the course and become certified, then get in touch and we can tell you more about our special team pricing.

What about the Udemy course - how is this going to be different?

Our MasterClass has enough brand new in-depth exercises and exclusive resources that you can’t find anywhere else, to help take you to the next level. The course on Udemy is a great entry-level course as an introduction, however it doesn’t get into as many of the focused details, practical exercises or in-person contact with our coaches and Yu-kai himself.

How long does this workshop take?

The core workshop is 30 days. It is not full time but will require some commitment each day. The workshop remains open for 60 days in total, giving you plenty of time to adjust your pace round you schedule. Certification entry deadlines will be available for an additional 30 days.

I can't afford it is there any way round the cost?

The good things in life are not free, however, we do try to make things as affordable to as many people as possible. This is why we have changed our structure to reduce costs down from $6,000. To help a bit more, we offer payment plans at checkout and you can also earn credit directly with us as an affiliate. Just get in touch and we will set you up with an affiliate account.

Will I get certified?

Every workshop attendee will get the opportunity to submit for certification at Level 1 & 2. However, with all good things success is not guaranteed. We will put you in the best position possible to succeed and you can always try again with a new project if you are determined enough.

What level is this course? Can I take it if I am a total beginner? And what if I already know a lot?

We’ve designed the workshop to be beneficial both to people who are just starting out, and those who are already somewhat familiar with the Behavioral Design. The best part of this being a workshop rather than a course is you can set your own difficulty level. Don't worry if you are an absolute beginner, we can give you a free 14 day starter course. If you are somewhat of a guru get in touch and we can certainly find you a challenge to meet your level.